The Perfect Toolkit for Managers!

This is an excellent opportunity to shift the dynamics of your team with the tools to engage employees and clients and increase productivity.

It takes work to engage and connect with employees.  Leaders can use the tips offered in Executive Briefing to take their teams to the next level.

P.E.O.P.L.E. GOALS helps you engage teams and build productive relationships with your staff and clients.

The descriptive scenarios, succinct business case analyses, and actionable leader tips provide you with a guide for intentional leadership.


“Executive Briefing: P.E.O.P.L.E. Goals is filled with great examples and practical tips to help us on the journey to intentional leadership. This is a perfect guide for leaders.” -Jeff VonDeylen, CEO Ensono

“Pam Weston provides a brilliant tutorial for reminding leaders what matters most in building a business and taking care of your clients…P.E.O.P.L.E. Failure to make people a priority can undermine your innovation, stifle growth, and slowly erode your business. She captures the essence of managing the keys to our success…our employees and leaders.” -Dann Adams, President, Equifax Global Consumer Services

“Having worked in corporate America for over 40 years, with most of my career spent in Human Resources, I found this book quite informative, interesting, easy to follow, and much needed by businesspeople in all stages of their careers.” -Shelia E. Bell, Author and former compensation analyst/ administrative professional

“Leadership Goals! This is a great book with concrete advice and strategies for leaders.” -Kiota Rodgers, Assistant Principal, Worth School of Choice

“It’s practical guidance for leaders and people who aspire to become leaders. The book made me aware of the things I take for granted and reinforced some of the good leadership skills I have developed over my career.” -Richard Lumor, Manager, Customer Analytics, Panera

“This is an amazing book for anyone in a leadership position. I’ve read it several times. I highly recommend it.” -Jasmine Brooks, Owner-Operator, Seafood by Crushed Velvet

“P.E.O.P.L.E. Goals is impactful for anyone in leadership. Pam is also a phenomenal executive coach.” -Kimberly Tate, Senior Director, Inside Sales Account Management, Equifax Workforce Solutions

“Awesome book and easy to read. I recommend that new and seasoned leaders read this book.” -Maurnice Tipton, Director of Custodial Operations, WFF Facility Services


I’ve worked with a number of CEOs and presidents during my career in corporate America.  As a communications strategist, it is an amazing space to occupy when you partner with leaders who value and empower employees, engage with them, and lead in a way that supports a productive culture. It’s also just as amazing when you’re able to coach a leader in certain areas and see a break though in how employees are viewed. My goal is to provide managers and aspiring people leaders with insights about what it means to value employees. I also provide behaviors and strategies to enhance relationships and improve productivity. I’ve worked with managers at various levels on the spectrum of embracing employee engagement. 


“Even in the late twilight of my career as an executive I was able to walk away with new management strategies that can be applied in my current assignment.” Kenneth Cole – CEO

“Pam’s expertise and passion exuded as she commanded the audience’s attention immediately. Pam was phenomenal as she presented to our regional leadership team.” Derek Ivory – Regional Manager


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P.E.O.P.L.E. Goals also contains the ‘Leader Tips’ that many readers are raving about to their colleagues, the ‘Leader Pulse Check’ to help you assess how you will improve your team’s productivity, the ‘Six Quick Connectors’ to help you easily strengthen your connection to your employees – and so much more.


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