“Executive Briefing: P.E.O.P.L.E. Goals is filled with great examples and practical tips to help us on the journey to intentional leadership. This is a perfect guide for leaders.” -Jeff VonDeylen, CEO Ensono

“Pam Weston provides a brilliant tutorial for reminding leaders what matters most in building a business and taking care of your clients…P.E.O.P.L.E. Failure to make people a priority can undermine your innovation, stifle growth, and slowly erode your business. She captures the essence of managing the keys to our success…our employees and leaders.” -Dann Adams, President, Equifax Global Consumer Services

“Having worked in corporate America for over 40 years, with most of my career spent in Human Resources, I found this book quite informative, interesting, easy to follow, and much needed by businesspeople in all stages of their careers.” -Shelia E. Bell, Author and former compensation analyst/ administrative professional

“Leadership Goals! This is a great book with concrete advice and strategies for leaders.” -Kiota Rodgers, Assistant Principal, Worth School of Choice

“It’s practical guidance for leaders and people who aspire to become leaders. The book made me aware of the things I take for granted and reinforced some of the good leadership skills I have developed over my career.” -Richard Lumor, Manager, Customer Analytics, Panera

“This is an amazing book for anyone in a leadership position. I’ve read it several times. I highly recommend it.” -Jasmine Brooks, Owner-Operator, Seafood by Crushed Velvet

“P.E.O.P.L.E. Goals is impactful for anyone in leadership. Pam is also a phenomenal executive coach.” -Kimberly Tate, Senior Director, Inside Sales Account Management, Equifax Workforce Solutions

“Awesome book and easy to read. I recommend that new and seasoned leaders read this book.” -Maurnice Tipton, Director of Custodial Operations, WFF Facility Services